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"It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster not to be found."
Donald Winnicot

A beacon for newcomers, immigrants and international professionals, guiding them in navigating the murky waters of acculturation.


A catalyst who ignites potential, transformation and empowered cross-cultural awareness. An outreaching hand, helping to move you from being hidden to being seen, into a space that expands into the Power of Presence. 

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My Story

My expertise lies in helping individuals to see through the confusion, the ambiguity, to provide clarity and self-awareness so that all their choices, possibilities become visible.

Before you can begin to think about settling into your new culture, or interviewing for that perfect position, ask yourself...

-   Do you know what you bring to the table?

-  What are your Unique Selling Points - USPs?

-  Are you aware of how you're being seen?

-  Who sees you?

-  How does your cultural perspective serve you?

-  How does it not serve you?

Let's rewrite your story....together !

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